About us

 Company RemKon-Bis LLC was founded in 2014 as a continuer of REM-KON LLC founded in 1998. Company's main activity is associated with production, modernization and maintaining technical efficiency of metal forming tools (blanking dies, press-forming dies, benders), injection molds, production process automation and mechanization, and also machining and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). Our customers are mainly electrotechnical and energy companies, automotive, home appliance, and abrasive manufacturers. In 2009 as REM-KON LLC we made first in Europe finned tube laser welding production line working with 8kW disc laser.
 In 2011 REM-KON was awarded Złoty Laur Umiejętności i Kompetencji by Regionalna Izba Gospodarcza w Katowicach in the "Polskie przedsiębiorstwo" category. RemKon-Bis in 2016 has been titled "Super Firma", issued by Kapituła Stowarzyszenia Przedsiębiorców Czechowic-Dziedzic.

 Our motto is: " Modern future " .