Tool manufacturing

 As part of tool manufacturing we offer production, modernization, regeneration and maintaining technical efficiency of tools:
  • Blanking dies
  • Press-forming dies
  • Benders
  • Injection molds

  • Automation and mechanization

     As part of automation and mechanization we offer developing and implementation of machines aiding automation and mechanization of manufacturing processes, such as:
  • Production lines and assembly stations
  • Belt and roll conveyors
  • Manipulators
  • Testers
  • Slicers
  •  Our strong points are atypical devices and machines, adjusted specifically for our customers needs, which allows our clients to increase efficiency and recurrence of manufacturing. We lower your costs while maitainig highest quality of your wares. We use in our projects modern, user-friendly, microprocessor controlers which are easy to use.
     As part of comprehensive customer service our company provides services in fields: manufacturing maintenance, machine renovation and regeneration, machining and EDM.


     RemKon owns development-technological department, which ensures implementation of innovatory, modern solutions in industry sector. Our knowledge and experience of our co-workers is essential to develop the best solitions in manufacturing. By focusing on our clients individual needs we provide highest quality services, which results in our customers satisfaction.